Does Your Family Know All Your Favourite Stories??

I read this article in Videomaker Magazine and agreed with everything it said. There are so many stories left untold. If you are interested in reading the rest of the article, please let me know!!

Video is one of the most predominant story-telling mediums today. Your family has stories to tell that you need to capture, and your children may tell your story someday.
There’s no way around it – your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles have lived through interesting parts of history that you’ve only read about in books, and we’ll bet much of your family’s history is completely unrecorded. Now is the time to tell their story, before it’s too late. Capturing family recollections on video is not only fun but eye-opening and educational too; a way to preserve and share family member’s unique remembrance of the world, and the impact that they’ve made upon it. There are several ways you can approach videos of family histories. One way is a literal history of your family and the other is history, told by your family. Both of these are interesting and a good family history will have some of both.

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A Passion for Preservation

I read the attached article and wanted to share it with you as I really believe it is important to do something with our pictures – not just leave them on our computer!  If I can help you get started, just give me a call.  Wishing you all the best this holiday season!

December 2, 2010
A Passion For Preservation

Penny Hughes has always had a soft spot for antiques. Fifteen years ago, she got up on a damp and foggy morning to drive to an estate sale near her home in Seattle. On this particular day, the sale involved the possessions of an elderly couple whose only daughter had unfortunately already passed on. The only heirs were two grandchildren in the early 20’s, and it had fallen upon them to dispose of their grandparents’ material goods.
It was an antique lover’s paradise—lots of valuable old furniture, clothes, and dishes—many wonderful treasures. Then, there it was… over on the lawn. A large, tattered cardboard box filled with vintage photos, and behind it more boxes containing photos. Penny had never seen so many old photos in one place.
Penny asked about them. The kids had no emotion, “Oh, those are just old family photos that belonged to our grandparents. We don’t know any of the people in the photos or where they were taken.”
Penny asked about their plans for the boxes. They said they would probably just throw them out, because without any information, what good were they?
Even after fifteen years, Penny still tears up when she thinks of that day. It was so sad—a grandson and a granddaughter with no information about the stories that would have made their mountain of vintage photos a true treasure. It was a legacy lost!
In 2005, Penny’s friend Kymberly Stoddard showed her some sample storybooks and introduced her to Heritage Makers. As a lover of both digital technology and family heritage, Penny knew she was home!
“I had 20 years of photos stocked away for ‘someday’ when I would scrapbook them,” says Penny.
“I resolved not to let another generation move forward without knowing the stories of our family. I truly believe that our children’s lives are enriched and strengthened by knowing those important stories.”
Heritage Makers is the very best way to ensure that your family stories will never be lost or forgotten. Children need to know their family heroes! Give me a call and I will help you create a family history or tribute storybook that will enlighten and inspire for generations to come.

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How Organized Are Your Photos/Do you Keep a Backup

These days, most of us do not print out their photos. I am guilty of this myself! I look at them online and then forget to print them. But what if your computer crashed. I would hope you have a backup. I found this great gadget when I was at a conference recently – Picture Keeper. It is a usb stick that automatically searches your computer and backs up your photos. It comes in 3 sizes holding 4,000, 8,000 and 16,000 pictures. If you would like more infomation, please give me a call. It really is important to backup your photos!!!

And if you are interested in creating a book or canvas, it has never been easier. These make priceless gifts and you will love them too. Check my website and give me a call.

I know I always stress the importance of photos and their stories but I truly believe it is important to preserve the story behind the photos. So often we go on a trip or attend a special occasion and years later look back at the photos and have forgotten the details. I can help you make your own book or if you are too busy, make it for you. Have a good day.

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How Many Videotapes/Pictures do you Have??

How many memories do you have stored on tapes you can no longer watch??? I’m as guilty as the next person. I have videos from trips taken years ago which are on 8mm video tapes which I should transfer to dvd…but they are still sitting there. I always say – one of these days!!! And that day still hasn’t come. How many tapes do you have?? If you are interested in having them transferred to dvd at a reasonable cost, give me a call or email me at You really don’t want to lose all those great memories. Have them transferred before they are lost. My website is

At the same time, how many photos do you have in a shoebox in your basement that you never look at?? Why not put them in a book you can leave on your coffee table and actually look at and relive those memories! I can help you with that as well – in either a book, deck of cards or video montage put to music. Check out

Have a great day!!

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Capturing Your Story

I read this article and thought it would be a great place to start!!  Do you have clients who love the idea of storybooking but are not sure what to write about? Maybe they feel intimidated as they see the great stories others have written and think, “There is no way I can write something this great.”  Maybe they need a little extra push to set them in the right direction to write their perfect storybook. Writing is not always easy. And your clients may have many different reasons for not starting that storybook. But, if their reason is not knowing what to write, you can help them with the following storybooking steps.

Brainstorm: There are lots of ways to brainstorm. Go through photographs, cards, letters (and emails), etc. to relive the memories.  Or you can just begin writing down fun, heart-warming, or life-changing experiences.

Organize: Once you have written down a few ideas, you can start putting them in order. You can choose one experience to expand on throughout your book, or choose many experiences.

Begin writing: Just start writing. Don’t think, “But, I’m not a writer,” or “I’m not sure where to start.” Just do it. Write whatever comes to mind. And don’t think about grammar, misspelled words, or unfinished thoughts.  You’ll fix those later.

Revise: Now you can make all the corrections you’ve been itching todo since you started writing. Go through your story and fix any spelling errors, unfinished thoughts, etc.

In just four steps, your clients will have a story ready to storybook. Next, it’s just a matter of picking out a storybook size, gathering all the photos, and designing the pages. Your clients who thought they couldn’t storybook will soon have a personalized book ready to show off to all their friends and family.

Simple steps:

•  Brainstorm for great memories to  write about.

• Organize your thoughts.

• Begin writing your story.

• Revise.

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Heritage Makers

I have been an independent consultant with Heritage Makers for 2 years and just love it! I enjoy helping others put their memories in print which preserves their legacy! To learn more visit

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