A Passion for Preservation

December 21, 2010 dcvideo

I read the attached article and wanted to share it with you as I really believe it is important to do something with our pictures – not just leave them on our computer!  If I can help you get started, just give me a call.  Wishing you all the best this holiday season!

December 2, 2010
A Passion For Preservation

Penny Hughes has always had a soft spot for antiques. Fifteen years ago, she got up on a damp and foggy morning to drive to an estate sale near her home in Seattle. On this particular day, the sale involved the possessions of an elderly couple whose only daughter had unfortunately already passed on. The only heirs were two grandchildren in the early 20’s, and it had fallen upon them to dispose of their grandparents’ material goods.
It was an antique lover’s paradise—lots of valuable old furniture, clothes, and dishes—many wonderful treasures. Then, there it was… over on the lawn. A large, tattered cardboard box filled with vintage photos, and behind it more boxes containing photos. Penny had never seen so many old photos in one place.
Penny asked about them. The kids had no emotion, “Oh, those are just old family photos that belonged to our grandparents. We don’t know any of the people in the photos or where they were taken.”
Penny asked about their plans for the boxes. They said they would probably just throw them out, because without any information, what good were they?
Even after fifteen years, Penny still tears up when she thinks of that day. It was so sad—a grandson and a granddaughter with no information about the stories that would have made their mountain of vintage photos a true treasure. It was a legacy lost!
In 2005, Penny’s friend Kymberly Stoddard showed her some sample storybooks and introduced her to Heritage Makers. As a lover of both digital technology and family heritage, Penny knew she was home!
“I had 20 years of photos stocked away for ‘someday’ when I would scrapbook them,” says Penny.
“I resolved not to let another generation move forward without knowing the stories of our family. I truly believe that our children’s lives are enriched and strengthened by knowing those important stories.”
Heritage Makers is the very best way to ensure that your family stories will never be lost or forgotten. Children need to know their family heroes! Give me a call and I will help you create a family history or tribute storybook that will enlighten and inspire for generations to come.

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